My name is Mike and by day I work in IT and Business Management. By night I am a typical family man. I cook, I clean, I fix things and I tinker with gadgets and tech. 

I made this blog to help me document my life and share my product experiences with other like-minded people. After numerous start up attempts and a lack of personal will-power to complete an entry regularly, they have been deleted - but it has come to a stage in my life where I want to start to document so that when I need to I can look back and reminisce.  I also like to share my experience of things, like film, tv, products etc - so you'll find the odd review here too which I hope will help!

I am quite the geek. I research things far too often, usually privately because I find it an embarrassment that I look everything up (or should I say swat up?). The internet is my friend and I have learnt a lot of things by just simply "looking it up" and learning.

I am a friendly guy (in my opinion) with a good sense of humour (in my opinion, again!) who wants to make it all count in the end. I want to make my family proud and I want to be successful. 

Being quite philosophical, I love a good quote and you'll see many of them on this blog, at times, I am sure. 

Life is full of hurdles, but I intend to get over each of them. To enjoy the ride and be able to smile when I am old and grey.

Now, one of those quotes I was on about...

Life is like a camera. Focus on what is important. Capture the good times, develop from the negatives. And if things don't work out, take another shot.

You can find me on Twitter here - @MikeMeetsLife

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my blog.