Please read full post here _ As with every year, I look back on what 2018 has brought me - it's important to me and I believe it's ultimately important for everyone to take time to look back and appreciate what you have, the things that have happened, the things you've received and so on. Taking things for granted constantly will only lend itself to negativity in your life in some way or another. _ #newyearseve #newyearseve2018 #newyear2019 #newyearseveday #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestomotivateyou #mikemeetslife


First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone. I do sincerely hope that regardless of your situation, you've found happiness in something this Christmas, the same as I wish this for you every day of the year. _ This isn't a post to put a downer on this magical time of year. It's a post to raise awareness and remember that just because it's a time of joy and happiness traditionally, there are still people struggling. _ Depression and anxiety doesn't discriminate, it releases no prisoners just because of the time of year, the day of the week, the fortunate circumstances in life, any luck you may receive or the joy you are brought. Often, this time of year can actually make you feel more lonely, more alone. It can make the darkness seem darker and the amongst the fairy lights and the beautiful bright displays, the light can seem further away. _ Often those with depression and anxiety struggle socially. They become shy and reserved in a bid to not seem to be bothering others. With most people so busy, happy, enjoying their Christmas with their friends and family - it can often be a more difficult time to reach out to others in fear of being a burden. _ If you have friends or family who struggle, please check on them. Please remember to make an effort. Depression and anxiety isn't a choice. It is an illness. An illness which can see people in the darkest of their thoughts and the loneliest they've ever felt. _ If you are reading this and struggle, contact me if you want to talk. You are not alone. _ #Depression #DepressionAware #depressionthought #DepressionIsNotAChoice #depressionquote #depressionwillnotdefineme #depressionsurvivor #depressionawareness #depressionconfessions #depressionsucks #Christmas #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestomotivateyou #mikemeetslife


It took me years to eventually tell myself and recognise that, you know what, despite everything - I am a good, nice, person. I do still question it. I don't have many friends, very few in fact, and even in social situations I can easily sit on my own. I know I just give off the wrong impression, because despite the fact I'd do anything to help anyone, I'm still quite often disregarded. It's just something I need to live with. . Over the years, it's one thing about myself I've grown to love and to hate. You see, caring and kindness is what the world needs more of. If we stopped more often and took time out of our day to help others, all those little bits would add up to the world actually being a little bit of a better place. .. But on the other hand, caring too much can consume you. It can cause you anxiety, questioning why someone who maybe was just in a daydream didn't speak to you this morning, why they interact with people on social media but not you (likes and comments etc), why they seemed abrupt with you, why they haven't replied to your email or why they don't say hello. Caring too much about those things, can mean you care enough to break someone's walls down and help them, but it can also mean you're just wasting your time when they have no time for you. .. So many times I've gone back to someone and said "you aren't yourself, are you okay?" And they open up. Sometimes, they just say "yeah I'm fine" and in reality, my naivety shines through because actually - they just don't have time for me. .. But I care about what people think of me. Clearly too much. And I wish I didn't all the time because it can consume me so much. I like to get to know people. I like to help people. I am the first to notice someone not acting themselves and offer words of advice or just comfort. But I also think about it too much. .. I'm proud to be kind, caring and considerate even in the face of adversity or without reciprocation. Because it's how I was raised. It's what I believe in. It is morally right in my eyes. And that's what makes me love it and hate it at the same time. .. #morals #kindness #me #quotes #caring #mikemeetslife #care #love #hate


I have fed mouths that have talked shit about me. I've wiped tears off the faces of people who have caused mine. I have picked up people who have tried to knock me down. I have been there for people who have not been there for me. . CRAZY? Maybe...But I will NOT lose myself in the hatred of others. . Life isn't easy, but even through all the bullshit...I will still be here, being me. . .. #Beyourself #beyourselfbeconfidentbeyou #beyourselfnomatterwhat #beyourself2day #beyourselfalways #BeYourSelfBeOriginal #BeYourselfBeAmazing #betruetoyourself #true #selfreflection #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestomotivateyou #mikemeetslife


The world can be cruel, some days can be hard but keep thinking positive and stay strong ♥️