Every decision is your own


Every day you make choices about your day, your life. The past, the present, the future. From the minute you open your eyes on a morning, those decisions, those choices, start. You may wake up feeling rubbish, but you make a choice as to whether you let that determined your day or whether you don't. You may feel like you lack motivation, but you make a decision on whether you want to change that and energise yourself.

Life is full of choices. Some will be the right choice, some will be the wrong choice - that is just a part of life. You then have a further decision on how you are going to deal with that. Mistakes are only mistakes if you do not learn from them, after all.

No matter what you do, life will always bring with it stresses, strains and tribulations - but whether you let them into your life, whether you let them affect you is purely down to you.

You can not blame anyone for the choices you make. You can't blame your relatives, your job, the government, the weather or your friends. You can't blame anyone or any single thing for how your day to day life turns out. You made them, you must stick by them and acknowledge that.

The older I get, the more I try and remember this on a daily basis and I am trying to apply it to my life day in and day out. And yes, no one is perfect - this isn't something you can "just do" without thinking about it. Waking up in a bad mood because you've slept too long and thinking "No, today will be positive!" isn't always that easy, but everyone should try. Taking that choice, making that decision to just be more positive, to smile rather than frown, to be happy instead of angry will ultimately lead you to a happier path in life and hopefully a more positive experience.

Without sounding cliche, life is too short. That may be something that is said too often but is far to often forgotten. We are not here to live a life of stresses, strains or tribulations. So what if you're a few minutes late somewhere. So what if you get lost whilst on a journey, so what if you miss the last showing of the latest film in the cinema. Nothing matters other than health and happiness for you and your family. 

So get up every morning, smile, breathe in and feel fortunate to be alive, feel fortunate for the roof over your head, your friends, your family, your home. Feel fortunate that we understand more than we ever did because of advanced technology and science. Go do what you do every day, but do it with your head held high and a smile on your face. If something goes wrong, don't point the finger. Accept that mistake, learn from it and move on. Choose to be the happier type of person because life is for living!

If you make a choice tomorrow, to stay in that bad mood you've woken up in or to arrive late for work with no motivation or to buy something you can't afford leading to debt or even to let someone's comments hurt you again - then don't blame anyone but yourself. Because when you arrive at the crossroads before you make the choice about "what shall I do here", you made that choice and only you. No one else is to blame. No one person and no single thing on this earth control's you, remember that - there are rules which restrict what you should and shouldn't do and I aren't suggesting what you decide to do each day is the right thing - but stick by your choice and accept that you made it.

Work hard, play hard. Spend the money you earn, see the world, enjoy every spare moment with your loved ones. Forget about the people in life who hurt you, they aren't worth your precious time. Smile, breath the air around you, enjoy what the world has to offer because one day - it may not be there.

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  1. Again nephew you hit the nail on the head I hope the younglings read and understand take the responsibility and learn love UK